A first step to Fedora (Dual-Boot)

The majority of computers, laptops by default they have an operating system that is not LINUX  , from my point of view I consider it an  obstacle to know about this free software.

So I will show how to make use this free software.

How to use fedora if i have another operating system?

Too easy, we will make a dual boot in other words we’ll have two operating systems ( That one you had previously and the one we will install ) Having the option to choose any when you want. :3

like this 🙂

Step 1

We will make the dualboot from windows , but first we need to download Fedora 26 https://getfedora.org/es/ and Rufus https://rufus-usb.uptodown.com/windows.5

Step 2

We will create new space of the hard disk to generate space in the installation of  Fedora .

Applications → Windows System → Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Create and format hard disk partitions: tab Action → All tasks → Reduce Volume → size of the space you want reduce; example: 50GB



The new partition is formatted 🙂


Step 3

We will boot a USB device to install Fedora in the new space created using RUFUS .


The USB device must be Formatted: 3

Step 4

Select the USB in the boot sequence.


Step 5

Install Fedora :3



 We deleted the partition and created the new SWAP and EXT4


Screenshot from 2017-09-03 10-57-03SWAP partition and we assign 2GIB: 3

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 10-57-27Partition EXT4 and is assigned the remaining GB of storage by default.

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 10-57-51

put “/” in Mountpoint .

Done and Accept Changes

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 11-00-31


Choose a name for your host , Example : BrUnix

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 10-58-32


Here you will choose your location 🙂Screenshot from 2017-09-03 10-59-09


Here you will choose your language :3

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 11-00-11

Begin Installation

We started the installation 🙂

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 11-00-36

Meanwhile we set up the root password and the user. 🙂

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 11-00-41


Welcome to Fedora!

Screenshot from 2017-09-03 11-58-18Screenshot from 2017-09-03 17-43-42

Soon I will be posting new information about this free software :3



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